Frog Foam™ Material

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Dimensions: 4.5" x 5.5"

No more hand-spotting of your frogs necessary, just punch your frog bodies out of our pre-spotted, 2mm Frog Foam™ body material and you're ready to go!

Available colors:

  • Olive
  • Yellow
  • Tan

Pack of two 4.50 x 5.5 inch sheets.

We may have developed our Frog Foam material with our STP Frog pattern in mind, but that doesn't stop creative tyers like John Lohr from coming up with brilliant ideas using our Frog Foam.

Ribbit Rhol and Ribbit Rhol Jr. - Two versions of amazing poppers tied by John Lohr, #flyfishrhol on Instagram and a military veteran, using RRC Frog Foam in olive. 

No self-respecting bass could possibly miss a strike at either of these amazing-looking flies.  Will the strike be because of the action, the colors, or the sounds when stripped?  These just have to be effective flies! No wait . . . Photo evidence found via Instagram - The Rabbit Rhol works! (#flyfishrhol on Instagram)

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