Thank you

to all military personnel, both past and present, for your service and sacrifice for our country.

We understand what it is like to have family members gone for the holidays, gone when the washing machine breaks, gone when Timmy gets an award at school, gone when a baby girl joins the family . . . and more

Thank you

to all military family members, who also serve.  We know just how mission-critical your service and support is, too.



We offer the following military discounts:

  • 10% - active duty, retired, veteran military
  • 20% - deployed servicemen and women; includes fly-tying parents, spouses and children.

To enable your discount, become our customer by creating an account on our website.  You will receive an email link to confirm your account.  

Then just email or call us with your military discount details.  Once notified, Kathi will update your account status to ensure that you receive the appropriate discount for all future purchases.

If you have already purchased River Road Creations' products without receiving your military discount, just email or call us.  Kathi will be thrilled to issue a refund or credit, as appropriate.


Proud Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing Supporter

In support of the good works of PHWFF we offer a variety of discounts and donations to Chapters, Members, and volunteers including, but not limited to:

  • RRC Cutter Press (Assistive Device) donations to each PHWFF Chapter at no charge
  • 40% Discount on all purchases by PHWFF Chapters
  • 10% Discount on all purchases by PHWFF members and volunteers
  • Donations of RRC products to PHWFF Fund Raisers
  • Free shipping on all donations and discounts

PHWFF Chapter representatives should contact PHWFF Headquarters (Vendor Relations and Order Fulfillment) to obtain discounts and Donations. 



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