You have several different ways to purchase River Road Creations wing and foam body cutters.

While we always enjoy talking with our international customers, we recognize that sometimes taxes and shipping charges make the purchase of our products almost cost prohibitive. Thanks to some really wonderful companies located in the U.S., Canada, The Netherlands, and elsewhere in Europe you may be able to buy cutters at your own fly shop.

We always encourage our US customers to buy locally; buying locally may be an option for those of you living in Canada, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, and other nearby locales!

And of course, no matter where you purchase River Road Creations wing and foam body cutters, we stand behind every one of our products.

We are more than willing to answer your questions, discuss custom cutters possibilities, and offer materials and tying suggestions,   regardless as to how or where you obtained our products.

Thank you for using River Road Creations wing and foam body cutters and materials!

For our international customers who want to buy locally, at their own fly shops... Switzerland, Argentina, Italy, Russia, UK, Scotland, Chile, Sweden, etc.

Hareline Dubbin, Inc. distributes River Road Creations' wing and foam body cutters throughout the US and to many shops outside of the US. Click here to view the Hareline Dubbin dealer website page to determine if there is a shop near you.

Superfly International distributes River Road Creations' products to Fly Shops in Canada

Check with your local retailer of fly tying and fly fishing products to save on shipping charges and import taxes to get your wing and foam body cutters today!

Here is the link for a list of dealers carrying Superfly International products. See if there is a dealer near you. Retailers are encouraged to take advantage of this savings opportunity as well.

a Link to Superfly Dealers in Canada

The Netherlands and Benelux Countries

RITT-Mailing distributes River Road Creations' products to retailers throughout the Benelux countries and other areas nearby.  Check out their website and see if one of their dealers can help you get started tying with River Road Creations' products right away. Here is the link for RITT-MAILING. Just click on the home bar on the left for a pull-down menu and a link to their dealers:

RItt-Mailing Home Page Link



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