Tomsu's Supreme Hopper - Complete Set

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Inspired by the amazing work of Bob Mead, Bill Logan and Paul Whillock, this super-realistic fly can be tied in minutes! (Tying instructions are provided with each order.)

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If there's a more realistic Hopper pattern designed to be fished out there than Tomsu's Supreme HopperTM, I haven't seen it.

Three years in development, the Supreme HopperTM pattern utilizes our existing hopper wing cutters along with our hopper leg cutters, plus two new cutters: one for the hopper body and one for the pronotum.

Cutters are available for tying Tomsu's Supreme Hopper™ in sizes 4 through 12, giving you a full range of hoppers sizes.

Wondering if Tomsu's Supreme Hopper™ will catch fish? This brown trout obviously mistook Harry Schoel's fly for the real thing!

Think this pattern is too hard to tie? Our new friend Clayton, age 9, just started tying. This is one of his first Tomsu's Supreme Hoppers™. Believe us, you can tie this pattern in about 10 minutes - no problem.


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