Periodical Cicada Set


Periodical Cicada Set

Four cutters with matching tool caddy

  • Two Beavertail Body Cutters – Sizes 4 and 6
  • Two Universal Bug Wing Cutters – Sizes 4 and 6

Perfect for realistic bodies and wings of two sizes (4 and 6) of the Broods XIII and XIX Periodical Cicada emergences coming in 2024, along with the Brood XIV expected in 2025!

Tying Instructions may be found in Tony Tomsu's book: Creations From the River Road: Practical Realism for Tying and Fishing Foam Trout Flies

RRC Tying Materials needed for this pattern:

  • Clear River Foam
  • 3mm black foam
  • 2mm black foam

(Also needed: Orange Rubber Legs – available from your favorite fly shop)

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