Stonefly Wing Cutter

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Our Stonefly Wing Cutters are available in six sizes from Size 2-12. You can tie realistic patterns for virtually everything from 
Salmon Flies to Winter Stones

You can use wing cutters on natural materials* and 1 cutter works well on a variety of flies as Ryan (on Instagram as rys_flies_yyc) has proven with a strip of turkey tail, some clear nail lacquer, and a tapered Chernobyl foam body cutter.

Many thanks to Ryan for his photo and his comments:

     "Makes it so easy to make things uniform" and

          ". . .  so glad I made the investment with cutters . . "

                ". . .  a total game changer, I can't imagine going back to cutting by hand . . "

* Important to know, since fibrous synthetic materials shuch as WebWing should NOT be used with wing or body cutters.  They can cause premature aging due to blade damage. 


Speaking of Salmonflies. . . Eagle Creek Custom Flies has kindly shared some pics of a few of their salmonfly patterns tied using our Stonefly Wing and Stonefly Body Cutters.

They also gave our River Foam wing sheet material a try - color pictured: Clear.  We are excited to share a few words about this kid owned and kid operated business . . . just in case you need a new source of well-tied flies.  We think their combination of synthetic and traditional materials looks like something a hungry trout will appreciate.

We're always looking for photos that highlight what can be accomplished with RRC products.  Our thanks to ECCF for sharing their photos and their time. Email us if you have photos of flies tied with RRC products and we will happily share your pics too!

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