STP Frog Foam Body Cutter-Set


The STP Frog® pattern was created to provide a cutter to meet the needs of trout, bass and other panfish fly tyers. The STP Frog® fly design provides the tyer with an accurate, multi-colored body and legs with realistic movement and durability.

The STP Frog® fly lands upright on every cast with proper attitude in the water and is easy to tie, but with enough artistry of construction so as to be pleasing to the fly tyer, regardless of skill level. Brandon Z and Rudy C show that variety is the STP Frog.

What variations will you come up with for the STP Frog Foam Body Cutter?

But will it catch fish? Intensive testing has proved that the STP Frog® fly will catch fish as Richard Pilatzke shows with a grey colored STP Frog fly.

Individual cutters available in sizes small (10), medium (6) and large (2).  Each individual cutter comes with a small cutting pad. 

Approximate lengths of each STP Frog® foam body cutter size:

   Small: 1 inch

   Medium: 1 3/8 inch

   Large: 1 3/4 inch

STP Frog Foam Body Cutter Sets contain one of each of the three sizes of cutter, a matching tool caddy and larg cutting pad. 

Tony Tomsu's tying instructions for the STP Frog available on request - just email us.

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