Stonefly Foam Body Cutter-Set


A couple of years ago, I started fishing a realistic stonefly pattern to match the spring Skwala hatch on the Bitterroot River here in western Montana. (Click on photos for larger sizes.)

The stonefly pattern proved so successful, I decided to release set of realistic foam body cutters to match our Stonefly Wing, Spent Stonefly Wing, and Universal Bug Wing cutters. With these cutters, you can tie anything from Salmon Flies to small Winter Stones!

The level of realism you can achieve depends on the level of your desire, but in any event, these patterns are really fun and fast to tie. Trust me, only a little practice is needed to crank out any type of stonefly you want to fish!

Here's a tying video by Curtis Fry using the Stonefly Foam Body Cutter and Stonefly Wing Cutters to create an extended body salmonfly. He has some really great tying tips that you will not want to miss!

And here is a photo of actual stoneflies collected by Capt. Scott Graham, just in case you're interested in tying a truly realistic fly..... or just want to get the sizing "right."
Capt. Scott Graham

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