Gary Krebs' Blue Water/Predator Series Foam Popper Jig Set


Extra-large versions of our popular jigs for making foam poppers.  New diameters – 5/8”, 3/4” & 15/16” – Perfect for those large freshwater and saltwater fish!

Each Three-Piece Jig Set includes: • Three Popper Jigs• Maple Wood Base & Organizer• Needle• Cutting Blade
Blue Water/Predator Jig Set: $54.95(Single jigs not sold separately)

Gary Krebs has many YouTube videos for tying popper jigs of all sizes.  Here is the link to the first in Gary's tying series: Introduction to Gary Krebs Popper Jig Tying Instructions

We offer foam cylinders in a variety of colors that are sized to use with each of Gary's popper jig sets. 

Or just use basic white foam cylinders in each diameter.  You can design any number of variations with a little paint. Gary has painting techniques that will ensure you never run out of ideas. Or maybe you want to forgo too much painting, but you DO want popper heads of two colors. . .  time to laminate those cylinders.  Gary has the video for that too: Laminating Foam Cylinders for MultiColor Popper Heads 

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