Mayfly Foam Body Cutter Set


My good mate, Muz Wilson, a world-renowned tyer and fly fisher from Australia (be sure to watch for the link to his fantastic new website on our home page) has been hammering me to create a set of Mayfly Body cutters to use for his Messy Dun. click on photos to enlarge

After numerous iterations, I have designed a very versatile set of cutters. You can use the cutters to make extended bodies for more traditional patterns or use them to make complete mayfly bodies (including the head!) if you desire.

Sized to match our Mayfly Wing cutters, you can use them with our River Foam® brand Wing Sheet Material to tie incredibly realistic mayflies, even finely-ribbed foam Trico spinners down to size 20!

Use combinations of our 2mm, 1mm and 0.5mm foam to create beautiful, two-toned bodies. No floatant needed!

Amaze your fly tying friends or, more importantly, fool those fussy trout Down Under! Just ask Muz!

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