Hopper Leg Cutter-Set


For the realistic fly tyer, these hopper leg cutters are the answer.
No more cutting with scissors for your hopper legs.
Our beta testers agreed with us; presentation on the water is perfect.

Many thanks to Bill Fett and family, who helped significantly during development and with beta testing.

Hopper Leg
Cutter Shape

Hopper Leg Cutters
available in three sizes:
Large (4), Medium (6-8), and Small (10-12).

Check out this fly by Curtis Fry ©2011 -
The Road Kill Hopper using
Hopper Leg Cutters - He tied on 2 sets of legs
Stonefly Wing Cutters,
Hopper/Caddis/Ant Foam Body Cutters,
2mm foam,
1mm foam and
River Foam® wing material and layered two types of wings.
Pretty cool and VERY creative, don't you think?!

This fly floats like a dream!

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