Gary Krebs' Baitfish Series-Set


Designed by Gary Krebs, these cutters are just what you need for making awesome floating baitfish patterns!

Cutters are available individually - sunfish, shad and minnow. Each individual Krebs' Baitfish Cutter include one (1) small cutting pad along with the cutter.

The Krebs' Baitfish Cutter Set includes:

  • Three body cutter shapes (sunfish, shad and minnow)
  • Matching Tool Caddy
  • Large Cutting Pad

A few comments on new images of Krebs' Baitfish Series Flies as of March 2022. . . 

Not only are there infinite variations possible based on your choices for painting, Gary Krebs has added even more creative twists that can be used for each of his Baitfish Series cutter designs for minnow, shad, or sunfish.  Thankfully, he sent us his beautifully tied flies so we can share a few examples with you.  

  • Separate, Flexible Tail
  • Segmented, Flexible Body Plus Separate, Flexible Tail
  • Ultra-Mobile Baitfish Series Fly
  • Baitfish Series Jewelry by Loretta Krebs

To learn more about tying with the Gary Krebs' Baitfish Series Foam Body Cutters check out Garys' YouTube video 2021 Krebs' Baitfish Series

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