Chernobyl-Style (Tapered End) Foam Body Cutter-Set


Our most popular style of Chernobyl Ant cutter! These straight-sided bodies have a taper at one end, a straight end at the other. The Chernobyl Ant really kick-started the popularity of foam flies in the early 1990's. Confirmed big-fish catchers, these flies are a must on Western waters. Tying them quickly and consistently has never been easier!

Thanks to your input - 2 smaller sizes added: X-Small and XX-Small

Our Tapered Chernobyl Foam Body Cutter Sets are unchanged

Each Tapered Chernobyl Foam Body Cutter Set contains:

  • Three (3) Foam Body Cutters in Sizes Small (10-12), Medium (6-8) and Large (2-4)
  • A Matching Tool Caddy and
  • One Large Cutting Pad

On our Stonefly Wing Cutter and Set pages we showed you Ryan's clever use of a tapered Chernobyl foam body cutter on a natural material - a strip of turkey tail.

He also proved that only your imagination limits what you can do with a single cutter.  Ryan's photo shows that a Tapered Chernobyl Foam Body Cutter can create an amazing looking stonefly pattern.

Our thanks to Ryan (on Instagram as rys_flies_yyc) for sharing his photo and  comments with us via Instagram.

     "Makes it so easy to make things uniform" and

          ". . .  so glad I made the investment with cutters . . "

                ". . .  a total game changer, I can't imagine going back to cutting by hand . . "

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